From free electricity to liquor brand

Participating in the election for the first time after the power-sharing and party alliance, the CPN-Unified Socialist Party, which is contesting the local level election for the first time, has issued a manifesto for the local level election for the first time.  The declaration was made public by party president Madhav Kumar Nepal during a function held at the Kathmandu Assembly Hall on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Bijaya Kumar Poudel, Deputy General Secretary of the CPN-UML, the party has given special importance to the party as it has to leave the party.  In the declaration letter, it has been stated that the CPN (UML) has the right to do good deeds.  In the declaration letter, the work done in the year 2051 BS, the work done by Madhav Kumar Nepal during his tenure of 9 months, the slogan “Build your own village” has been emphasized.

In the declaration letter, various slogans have been made in connection with Janjibika, some of the slogans are as follows.  People’s Right to Free Health Care, Improvement in Education, Basis for Progress, Free Drinking Water, Clean Life, Free 200 Units of Electricity for Every Household, Protected Agricultural Market: Happy Spring in Farmer’s Life, Home and Rural Industries: Use of Self Reliance, Entrepreneurship for Development  Special plan, youth department in the municipality: playground in every ward, arrangement of honors and prizes for the players, plan to build a well-equipped library in each municipality.

Socialism will become garbage to make the environment clean Mohor: Clean Village City, Road Network: Infrastructure for Development, Eliminate Ethnic Untouchability: Maintain Human Dignity, Literary Art and Culture for Social Development, Children Special Program, Respect for Senior Citizens  : Emphasis is placed on the interests of the community, the safety of the family, the rights of the third gender and the minority community, the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, and respect for the ex-servicemen and the police.

Concerning the class and occupational rights of workers, various class targeted programs, protected environment, protected civilization and human targeted programs, special programs for protection of water resources, local government in tourism development, integrated and coordinated planning for sustainable development, maximum use of modern technology.  , Development of Risk Management: Special emphasis has been laid on Disaster Support Government, Communications and Communication Entrepreneur Incentive Scheme, Landless Sukhambasi Scheme Solution, Arrangement of Alcohol Seban Card, Production and Branding of Nepali Home Drinks, Reduction of Corruption.

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