From love and romance to family planning with Aanju Panta and Theer Koirala after marriage

Singer Anju Pant got married some time ago. Anju, who has been living alone for almost a decade after her divorce, has got married to Theer Koirala for the second time. It can be seen that she is very happy in her married life now. Appearing in public for the first time since her marriage to Theer, they have revealed how they met and how love began. He said that they have been in a very formal relationship even after getting acquainted. Anju says, I was surprised when the marriage proposal came at once. Similarly, Theer also said that they did not exchange phone numbers after the first meeting. Anju, who has decided not to get married now, said that she got married for the second time for her daughter’s happiness. They have been in a relationship for a year now and they have decided to get married after understanding each other very well and now. They are convinced that they will never be sad again. She also said that she was very happy that everyone expressed happiness over their marriage. I have seen her comment after watching the video of their wedding many times and crying. I have made this decision for him too. They also sang romantic song together “don’t give me so much love, it is difficult to be alone” both of them were holding each other’s hands while singing.

Singer Anju Pant, who is getting married for the second time to her boyfriend Theer Koirala had sang ‘Dherai Maya Nadeu Malai’ sung by herself, she has made a tick by feeding from her husband hand. Singer Panta got married to Koirala from ILam on Wednesday at a church in Patan between family members of both the parties and close relatives. Also, the video of the first song “Ma Ma Re Ra” released after the marriage of singer Pant has been made public in the market. Singer Anju Pant’s song has been made public after she got married. Singer Pant had severed ties with singer and musician Manoj Raj a decade ago. They have a daughter Paritoshika Pant who has also entered the modeling field. It is said that the singer got married for the second time at the special request of her daughter Paritoshika Pant and Anju, has been living with her daughter Paritoshika since then. Anju panta had thought of getting married a few months ago due to her daughter request although it was planned to get married in January, it is understood that the wedding could not take place on that date due to various reasons. Happy marriage to Anju and Theer.

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