From Princy-Prism to Deepa-Damanta told Tiktok earnings

There has been a lot of discussion on Nepali Tiktak about some twins. Today, we are going to find out about the trip of the three twins and the current income from the ticket. Today, three pairs of twins can be seen in the same place at the same time. Among them are Princy and Prizma Khatiwada, Amrit and Amar Dahal and Deepa Damant Shrestha. There are many favorite twins in Tiktak.

Today we are going to talk to these 6 people in one place. Regarding how they met each other, Prizma says, ‘The twins who came to the fore for the first time in Nepal were immortal and immortal. While making duet tickets for each other, they met after consulting. Also, the meeting of 6 people was planned to go to see a movie. ‘The twins say that the meeting has turned into a good friendship. Deepa Damant is the youngest of the three twins.

The twins have a lot in common. Deepa Damant is interested in whether there is similarity among them or not, whether there is love or not. He says that the same curiosity is also present in Amrit and Amar. These couples have a lot of fights with each other. The walking and carrying of the twins is also the same. But these twins don’t like to wear the same color. They say that even if the parents dress the child in the same color, they will not wear the same color as they understand. Prism says that she is ashamed to see twins walking on the road wearing clothes of the same color and design. They say that they should not wear clothes of the same color unless a relative gives them a gift.
They say that the journey of these twins, who are frozen in Tiktak, is good.

They are even frozen in music videos from the brand. He says that the income from this medium is also good. The twins are used to the bad comments on Tiktak’s video. Bad comments are ignored. Although some people have commented well, some have left their mouths to comment, says Amrit. He said that he did not care about such amen as there were comments saying why he wasted his time dancing on the ticket. They also say that they are making good use of this platform as Tiktak has given them a good platform.

Deepa Damant is busy with her own business. Besides, they have even gathered discussion by going to Dancing with Star. Princess says that Deepa Damant has created a good image in Tiktak. Along with the fun conversation, Deepa Damant also taught dance to Princy, Prism and Amrit, Amar.
These six people urged to avoid the epidemic of Kovid. They have also requested to feed and water the dogs around them during the lockdown.

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