Full detail: Bimala oli & Ekraj Basnet affair, wife’s complaint & sympathy politics of widow – leader

Bimala Kumari Khatri, the Minister of State for Health in Lumbini, was found to be in a critical condition. He was rushed to Lumbini Regional Hospital, Butwal at night in a semi-conscious state. According to the doctor involved in the treatment, he has been diagnosed with Blood Acer, Sugar and Depression. Although he had to be admitted and treated, after refusing to be admitted, he is now undergoing treatment at the house of an MP in Butwal.

After the election of Uttar Kumar Oli of UML from Dang Constituency No. 3B, who died in a car accident, while the UCPN (M) and UML formed a party in the mid-term elections. I was not close to. Bimala defeated Kesab Acharya of Nepali Congress and became a state MP. Later, after the CPN (Maoist) split, Bimala did not turn to the Maoists. Ekraj and Bimala, who did not even know each other before the election, are considered to be the main role of the private car in the election.

After Bimala and Ekraj started moving around together, they started living together in a hotel in Kathmandu. It is said that their immoral relationship started because of this relationship. While the two were living in Gorai, a photo of widow Bimala putting vermilion on her pseudo and kissing Ekraj last year was made public on Ekraj’s Facebook. Ekraj has a son and a daughter, while Bimala has two sons. The incident came to light after the same Bimala went to Ekraj’s house, treated his daughter and wife indecently, and his wife lodged a complaint with the police.

Bimala had gone to Ekraj’s house in Tulsipur, Dang on June 13 with her party. On the same day, after he and his daughter were handcuffed, Ekraj’s wife Mina Bhandari lodged a complaint against him at the District Police Office. She alleged that she had thrown her mobile phone into the wall, smashed a drawer, assaulted herself and her daughter and even had a bodyguard come to her house. The country is being looted day by day by the people who are in charge of the country and have reached high positions. Minister of State for Lumbini Bimala Debi Oli has gone mad in love even though she is a mother of two children.

After her husband died in an accident, after winning the by-election, she also won the heart of a vice-worker less than two years after becoming a minister. Oli, who reached her boyfriend’s house along with the police, was released by the police after the incident. Saying the clothes I bought, she started throwing clothes and beating the people. The victim is also accused by the police of being a bystander. After becoming an MP, Oli has always been in a dilemma.

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