Full detail: uncle case – hostel, family, police, Women Rights groups,

On 17th December, 2071 BS, to check the back paper of class 11, a young woman living in her aunt’s house was raped by her aunt’s brother-in-law. She said that after being raped at night, when a tenant came to her house, her uncle jumped out of the window and ran away. She was cured after two days of treatment and has been seeking justice for nine years now. She said that she got pregnant due to the same incident and had an abortion at the behest of the police.

The student, who was born in Khotang, said she had been suffering from depression for two years due to the same incident and had suffered health problems due to abortion. The mother of Ananda Nepal Channel’s viewer, I, sent a message saying that a young girl had been raped and was urging her on Tiktok. According to him, a woman named Susmita Regni said that she got a justification for posting that she was raped on social media, even though she did not use social media so much. .

Seeing that Susmita Regmi got justice while talking on social media, she said that she started posting videos by opening a new account on social network Tiktom in the hope of getting justice. The victim said that she did not get justice even after fighting for a long time. She said that no one helped her even when she reached all the places of the Women’s Commission and family administration.

If the media seems to have dominated my story, the commission has not registered your case for so long, where is the file? “You haven’t been here for so many years. Where has the file reached after consuming the money? After three or four years of police raids, the commission has not found any support,” she said. When you do all this work, when you tell the real story of what happened in your life that you didn’t get justice, it was like telling the story of a movie, when you didn’t expect to get justice from anywhere. She has started. She said that she was raped by her own uncle.

Initially, after a month-long police search, she stopped caring, she said, adding that the file registered with the Thimi police in Bhaktapur had also disappeared due to money laundering. One rape after another has been coming out in Nepal in recent times, which has given a message to the people to be vigilant in every step of the way and also to teach human beings how to clean their pockets in life. In recent times, rape has become a contagious disease. Many people have been involved in this problem which has claimed the lives of many people.

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