Fun of kite in dashain| Happy Dashain 2078 Nepali in USA

Not all around a year but yes, in Dashain, we see flying kites all over the sky. The children especially the boys seem to have fond of flying kites. Although there are very few children who still enjoy flying kites, it is fun watching them playing around with the unsolved threads and showing off their kites.

With that, there is a very common word used in Nepal while watching the kites flying all over the sky. If someone cut the thread of the kite, then we call it “Changa Chait” which means that the kite is terminated. It’s a kinda kite fight. You see, flying all above the boundary of the sky is not the only thing that happens during kite flying.

You want it or not but a sudden sense of competing comes when you see other kites flying above yours and your hand automatically draws itself to fly higher and higher than anyone else’s kite.

Back then, we had no idea why do we even fly the kites. There would be no wonder realizing that there are still a lot of people who don’t know about the reasons behind us flying the kites, especially during Dashain.

It is said that when you fly the kites in the sky, you are letting your ancestors in heaven know that you are doing fine. Moreover, it also means that you are remembering them. Also, in some aspects, it is believed that Kites are a way to guide the recently released souls to heaven too.

The animals and people that die on earth need to find a way to heaven. Thus, kites join the sky and the earth during this holy time.

People of many castes such as Brahmin, Chhetri, Newar, Gurung, Magar Tamang, Bhote, Tharu, Rai, Chepang, Kami, Damai, and Sarki lived in a different part of the country. Their cultures and ceremonies were developing.

They celebrate festivals for entertainment such as Indrajatra, Gaijatra, Bhoto Jatra, Kumari Jatra Dashain, Teej, Ghantakarna, Mahakali Dance, and Lakhe Dance. But Dashain is celebrated widely all over Nepal. In this cultural festival Dashain, one of the most popular things to do in Dashain festival is flying kites.

The living standard of the Nepalese in Kathmandu is very low. They speak Nepali, Newari, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Magar, and so on. During the Dashain festival, They live a very free life and so they do not have much busy to celebrate this festival in different styles.

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