Furwa got arrested on the charge of putting metal on the genital of his wife

The Honey Track case of Furwa Tamang, which was in many discussions some time ago, has now taken a new turn.  It has now come to light that Furwa Tamang, who first reported to the police that his wife had cheated on him and sent his wife to the police cage, is not a man of good intentions.

The police arrested Furwa after his wife, who is in Sundhara jail for pre-trial detention, filed a complaint of rape.  He claims that he is forced to have sexual intercourse 5-6 times a day by forcing himself to have intercourse 5-6 times a day by unnaturally pressuring him to have sexual intercourse.
It is said.  She has said that even though the marriage before this was ruined by circumstances, now she had to break up the relationship even though she was determined to protect her husband at all costs.  Bhavna, who is a resident of Pipaldada 2, Sindhupalchok, and lives in Japan, sends a message to Furwa Moktan, who lives in Malaysia doing business, on Facebook, saying that she likes your social service and asks him to be her friend.
Furwa Tamang, who was born in Makwanpur and migrated to Makwanpur, who fell in love through a friend, has been helping people in trouble as well as running his own business.  Despite taking Bhavna’s messages as equals, later when everything started to agree, they were preparing to get married.
After coming to Nepal, Bhavana also used the property in the name of Furwa’s father to take her name and Furwa’s name, but she also made it difficult to sell the house.  After marriage, even following the Nepali tradition of living in a boy’s house, she broke it and started living in her own house, and Furwa used to live there.  Bhavna did not take money under different names to pay Rin, she asked for money under different titles, when the money she had started running out, Bhavna started moving away from furwa.

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