G-bob & Nimesh @ANTF in PLY show.

Pasang Yongzon Lama, presenter of PLY Show, which airs on Yoho Television HD, has a conversation with famous rapper G-bob & ANTF founder Ninsang. Zee Bob has not yet given an interview and, for the first time, has spoken on national television. Nunsan said that money is the reason for people to come into conflict, according to the mother, reason for coming into conflict is three entertainment. Zee Bob says his mother needs money, so Berthe is being accused. G-Bob said all the allegations against ANTF were false. He said that he was saddened by his mother’s pressure as he had a boyfriend.

The ANTF did not provide the drugs, but G-Bob managed it himself, and now he is reducing it to a better person, he said. He asserted that his parents had called him and threatened to kill him if he did not do so. Nimson said the mother told him she would not let her son commit suicide if she did not receive the full amount. “Because we live like a family, because there are so many things to do to record songs, we don’t go home,” said Bob.

“ANTF pays us after we work, we pay the artist first, and the mother sends money to the mother if she brings a paper signed by two people,” Nimsung said. Sudip Bhandari, popularly known as rapper G Bob, has filed a complaint in the Kathmandu District Court seeking peace of mind. According to the District Administration Office, the two sides could not hold discussions in the same place. Although Sudip wanted to stay apart, his parents told him that he was not allowed to stay alone. Zee Bob, who is addicted to drugs, has been running away even though he has been kept in the rehabilitation work many times. His parents have said that they will keep him together to get rid of him.

21-year-old Zee Bob, who has the right to live alone according to Nepali law, says his son is doing well, but he should not fall into bad habits. G. Bob, who is taking the step of his struggle by choosing rap in the field of Nepali song music, to become a very popular rapper in the young generation, his songs are becoming popular one after another.

The song has been prepared depicting various aspects of Nepali society. For the shooting of G Bob’s rap song, it was found at the disco that Sara has been taking opportunities from the Nepali film industry as well. He described G. Bob as a very funny man, a man he had met for the first time, as if he had known him for a long time. According to despite being loved by the audience, he has a very calm and sociable nature and is a person who lives a social life.

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