Gagan Thapa and Biswaprakash, two well-known contenders for the post of General Secretary

Biswaprakash Sharma and Gagan Thapa, two greedy leaders in the minds of the Nepali people, have registered their candidacies for the same post.  The party has nominated Prakash Man Singh for the post of General Secretary for an overall change in the Nepali Congress. Gagan Thapa  He said that Sekhar Koirala was suitable. If he loses, he will remain an ordinary member of the Nepali Congress.

Leaders in the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress have been shocked by the non-availability of posts.  Candidates have been registered. After disagreement among the leaders, Ram Chandra Poudel was watching the faction split into two factions.  In Nepali politics, there is a tendency to run for office. The party leaders do not want to leave the party after reaching the top position of the party.  Yes, but looking at the pace of the country, the tendency to accept each other is rarely seen in Nepal.

Factions and sub-factions within the party also have a lot of influence in politics. New faces are seen from the old faces when development relations are not considered. But even the new faces cannot make progress.  Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba said that the people have been freed from fear after his arrival at the 14th general convenion at Bhrikuti Mandap of the Nepali Congress.  He said that he had registered his candidature emphasizing the need to elect a new leadership to present the current leadership correctly as the work done by the Nepali Congress was not effective.

The Nepali Congress has said that it will play a role in correcting the bad activities in Nepali politics. The Nepali Congress will work to understand the aspirations of the people.  According to Ser Bahadur Deuba, the fear in the minds of the people has been removed after I became the Prime Minister after the overthrow of the CPN-UML government.  He says that since the day he became the Prime Minister, the fear in the minds of the people has gone away.  The party that will change Nepali politics is the Congress, said Ser Bahadur Deuba.

He said that he had to win the election as he had freed the Nepali people from Oli’s fright after forming his government. He said that convention would decide to get rid of dictatorship.  He said that he had to win for the sake of the people. Speaking at the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML Chairman KP Sarma Oli said that the Nepali Congress and UML had developed the country.  Rana had said that he had been with the UML and the Nepali Congress since the fall of the monarchy.

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