Gagan Thapa’s suggestion to government regarding corona

MP Gagan Thapa’s suggestion to the government to take precaution against the dire situation of
Corona in neighboring India
The second wave of Covid 19 is taking thousands of lives every day in neighboring India. In
addition, more than 300,000 people have been infected with the corona virus daily in recent
weeks. In this case, the infected have not received treatment in Indian hospitals. Also, the dead
have not found a grave to burn. The number of deaths due to cobwebs in India is increasing day
by day.

In this case, some infected citizens of India have not received medicine. However, a video of the
body being taken to the village on a motorcycle has been made public after the vehicle was not
found even after the death. After seeing three people riding on a motor bike, the police stopped
them and started interrogating them. During the interrogation, it was finally found out that the
woman sitting in the middle of them was dead. When the police found out that the dead body of
the woman from Corona was being taken to the village on a motorbike, the police lost
consciousness. The man holding the woman was not wearing a proper mask. The body was being
taken to the village on a motorcycle in a village 15 km away from the hospital. Anyone can be
shocked to see this painful situation.
Before that, a picture was hot on social media. One woman took her husband to the hospital in a
car with respiratory problems. But when there was no room in the hospital, she stopped in her
car. When her husband was deprived of oxygen, she tried to save him by giving him oxygen. At
that time, she was more afraid of losing her husband than of the corona virus. So she tried her
best to save her husband. But she did not succeed.
Corona infection is on the rise in the country, while Prime Minister KP Sharma is in the midst of
inaugurating the tower, writes ghazal writer Bund Rana. Looking at KP Oli in the middle, he has
written a ghazal saying that the marathon of death is at its peak at this time.

MP Gagan Kumar Thapa says that there is no doubt that Corona can take a frightening form in
Nepal as well as in India. He himself has a corona infection. He further added that the prime
minister was not responsible for the incident. He alleges that even the mechanism set up to
control the Corona crisis is trying to turn the problem upside down. He said that Nepal was
currently short of oxygen and CCMC had not made any effort in this regard.
He also requested the government to make the hospital a Corona Hospital for five to six months
by reaching an agreement with two or three medical colleges in Kathmandu, which is becoming
a hot spot of Corona. He expressed confidence that if the government could take this step, all
those infected with the corona would be able to get treatment.
He also advised the general public to be aware of corona while following the health standards.

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