Gamalama jai 2 – Pratap Das & Manisha Ghorasaini! Nabaraj Ghorasaini! New Lok Dohori Song

Gamala Jai, a song based on Maya Prem, has gained a lot of popularity within a short time of becoming public, and is winning the hearts of the audience. A lover and a lover who are in love, I will go now, you just stay, the first salutation is to God Mother Earth, the second salutation is to you, after saying that the lover takes his salutation himself, the person he does not know goes without looking, the person who goes does not depend on him. In this song, the facts that appear between lovers when they are separated from each other.

The song “Gamala Jai” in the voice and performance of singer Pratap Das and singer Manisa, who are enjoying the world of Nepali song music, has reached the peak of popularity in the market now. Pratap said that the song, which is currently trending on Tik Tok, has received a lot of response from the audience. Pratap, who made his own identity by engaging in Nepali song music, has been achieving success in one song after another in recent times. Pratab Das, who came to the attention of the audience from Nepal Idol, has been found to be sought after in songs of all fields including movie songs.

Manisa Ghodasaini, the creator of Gamla Ma Jai, dear Agraj Kalakar, daughter of veteran folk singer Nabaraj Ghodasaini, has sung part two of Gamla Ma Jai. “Gamla Ma Jai ​​2” song has been made public by Nabaraj Godasaini YouTube channel. He said that although the first song of the song was made public more than 20 years ago, the second part was made public much later. Pratap has said that he is very happy to sing Gamala Ma Jai ​​Geet Bhaag Ek, a hit song during his father’s time. Pratap, who is very much liked by young children and old people, has now reached the peak of success, the projects he has done are very enthusiastic.

Manisa said that since Pratap himself is a fun person, she is very happy to work with him. Manisa, who is doing her third project, has said that she believes that this song will give her success. He said that even though he will make it public on one day, when he kept a small part on Tiktok, he made it public soon according to the audience’s response and now he has given a lot of likes on Tiktok. He said that the song made on the theme of love has given the audience a lot of love. Pratap has said that since he is a student of music, he has always worked according to the feedback of the audience, having received the love and affection of the audience.

Pratap said that since those who are learning still have a lot to learn, there may be weaknesses sometimes. In the recent times, there has been a lot of demand for the songs of the film industry, Pratap, who has settled in the hearts of the audience, has been successful in his every step. He said that since everyone in the house was a musician, he used to sing songs from a young age. She said that Manisa liked the audience in her first two projects. Pratap said that since he is learning now, he is working hard to give justice to the songs of any field.

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