Gandaki Chhadke- 15000 to 1 lakh being charged as bribe for vehicle transfer at transport office

Driving licen

In Pokhara, Narendra Upadhyaya needed customs papers to sell his taxis, which are used in government offices. He went to the transport office and took out his customs papers and demanded Rs 15,000.  The same Pasang Lama is said to have taken Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh from one person to get a license. He was doing that work from another middleman.  He says that Lama had to go to Pokhara Media from Kathmandu to search for him.

In order to get the service from the government of Nepal, you have to go through the setting. People are being told whether to speed up or delay.  It seems to happen. Every office is running at a loss and its employees are making a profit. An employee working in a transport office says that he is a middleman earning three to four lakhs a month. People are caught in various problems in the society.  Even in the case of success, middlemen are often unsuccessful due to corruption.

Producer / presenter Appil Tripati has shown the distortions in the traffic of his program today.  People go to the government office to get a license. There are 3-4 brokers who go to the government office to get a license. They go to the transport office and get ready to do the work and give the trial before the trial date.  Asked how the setting was set up, he said he didn’t even know the staff at the transport office. He said he had only been in the business for some time.  People are queuing up to make money.

People have given up to Rs 10,000 for bikes and up to Rs 100,000 for habeas corpus soon after the written trial is issued.  Some of the things people do are positive and some are negative. Some work even shakes the human tongue.  After being released, he came to the police to search for the person in front of him.

People don’t need much to loot. They set up a system and hire brokers to fill their pockets. The transportation office system will be in the hands of two people.  Narayan Prasad Bastola, who is in charge of the second system, is not able to express his views clearly.  He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

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