Gandaki Chhadke Ep 138

The program Gandaki Chadek is conducted by a journalist Apil Tripati. Tripati is a young journalist from Pokhara district and now currently working in the Gandaki TV. He presents the show “Chadke”. The show is also telecasted in official You Tube channel on every Friday in Gandaki Television. The program “Chandke” has been conducted for more than 1 years. In his show he presents himself in a bold and authoritative way where he cross-checks the governmental offices. His way of speaking, questioning way are liked and loved by many Nepalese because he raises the problems of Nepalese that are occurring in the daily life.

In the today episode he talks about, three budey consent between Netra Bikram Chand Biplol leadership Nepal communist party and the Nepal government where he (Tripati) raises the question about the weapons of Nepal communist party?

In today’s decade, a lot of Nepalese youth are heading towards abroad in search of employment opportunity by seeing a big dream of earning a lot of money. During this process they goes to different consultancy for the visa process or to apply the visa for foreign country. As we see in the today’s context consultancy has opened like an emerging mushroom.

Fortunately, some consultancies are good and provide the good support for the Nepalese youth in the visa guaranteed process but unluckily, there are many consultancies in Nepal which deceive the Nepalese by giving confidence that they will send them in the foreign country. Consultancy nowadays have been the most corrupted area and the person who run the consultancy do the most corruption in this area.

It has been a place, where people can earn a lot money by deceiving to the innocent Nepalese. Many poor Nepalese borrow the money from others so that apply for the abroad, see the dream to work in abroad, earn a lot money and send that penny to their families so that their family can spend life happily. Same fraud case has been seen in the Jupiter Manpower located in prithivi chowk. The manager of Jupiter consultancy name Birendra and another person name Jony (Manbahadur Thapa Magar) has deceive many Nepalese youth by convincing them to send to the foreign land.

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