Gandaki Chhadke Ep 141

Lately, the incidents of women trapping men and extorting money from them have been increasing. In fact, a lot of news is coming out about such incidents happening. In this situation, Narayan Poudel and his wife also used to go to the media to seek justice saying that they were cheated and in trouble. However, the incident did not go ahead as there was not enough evidence to confirm what he said. Let’s see what the real incident is when four more people come forward saying that they have been victimized by Narayan Poudel and his wife.

Some of the cases involving these individuals are pending in court. But the facts have come out that the bargaining of money has started taking place saying that they will return the statement on those issues. Kalpana KC of Syangja district came in contact with the media and complained that she was in pain. Her husband is lodged in Chitwan Jail on the charge of rape. Similarly, four other people who are suffering from Narayan Poudel and his wife say that things have changed.

Evidence has been found that Narayan Poudel demanded money saying that he would return the statement to get Kalpana’s husband released from jail. After showing him the video of him openly asking for money, Balla admits that he demanded money. In fact, there was a land and car transaction between Kalpana’s husband and Narayan. But as Narayan Poudel’s land was in the bank, Kalpana’s husband paid the money and later took back the car. Kalpana’s husband is in court on the charge of raping Narayan Poudel’s wife.

Narayan Poudel had demanded Rs 4 lakh saying that he would withdraw the case against Kalpana’s husband. But Kalpana claims that they did not return the statement even after taking the money. But Narayan Poudel says that he demanded his money. Poudel, who initially said he had not bargained to settle the case, said he had to take his money after watching video and audio. He insisted that he would settle the case by paying for the transaction.

Ramji Khatri of Pokhara also complains that he was victimized by Narayan Poudel and his wife. He was accused of cybercrime for sending a bad message to Poudel’s wife through Khatri’s messenger. Khatri was jailed for 15 days.
Similarly, Narayan Poudel had complained that he had been cheated by Vijaydhip Gaire and his brother. However, Vijayadhip said that he was the victim of Narayan Poudel and his wife. The Poudel couple had filed a case alleging that they had been abducted from Vijaydhip. But Vijayaddhip says he was not abducted. Similarly, Prakash Gare was detained for one day on the charge of raping Poudel’s wife. But according to Prakash, he said he did not know Poudel’s wife and had never seen her.

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