Ganesh, who had gone to celebrate his friend’s birthday, was found dead in Dang

A 21-year-old man who went to a friend’s birthday party in a restaurant in Dang has found himself in such a precarious situation.  People do not know when they will kill each other for their own selfish ends. The bases of mutual trust in society are declining. Human life is becoming more and more difficult day by day.  People used to believe in each other a lot. Now that belief is disappearing.

Ganesh Poudel, a bachelor’s student from Ghorai Municipality of Gang, had gone to Fredas Family Restaurant & Bar to celebrate his friend’s birthday.  People have been deceived by the people they believe in in such a way that they can’t even trust each other.

On the evening of 15th December, Sahu, the hardware worker I work for, told Sahu that he would arrive before the shop opens tomorrow morning. Sahu had called Ganesha’s house after he had not returned to Ganesha’s shop on his friend’s birthday.  During the interrogation, he said that he did not know that his sister was celebrating his friend’s birthday on Facebook. After texting and talking to Nabin, he said that he had been drinking heavily at the hotel.  He was informed that he was sleeping.

His friends said that he had gone to college without any information about the condition of the person who was with him and that Sahu had not informed him about it.  Ganesh, who was staying in the room till two o’clock in the afternoon, did not inform the family until he left the house.

According to his relatives, Ganesh, who was in critical condition, died on the way home when his family arrived at the hotel at around 2.30 pm. All his dreams of going to Japan have been shattered.  According to his relatives, no one could have imagined that he would become such a friend in the month of Kartik.  Time is coming one after another.

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