Garbage dumping in Bancharedanda begins: see what happens in 7 hours talk

A parliamentary committee is to be formed for waste management in Kathmandu. A mechanism with people’s representatives is being set up for waste management in Kathmandu, which has been facing problems time and time again. Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri said that the problem could be solved only by building a strong mechanism.

In a discussion program held with the locals of Sisdol and Bancharedanda at the Ministry on Friday morning, Minister Jhakri stressed on the need to create a strong mechanism for solid waste management. She said that it would be better to form a committee with the participation of people’s representatives than the government.

“We are building a strong plant. Ministers keep coming and going. For this, it would be better to form a committee with honorable Jews. For that, we will also discuss with the Prime Minister and form a committee to move the work forward, ‘said Minister Jhakri.

During the discussion, it was emphasized that monitoring and management should be done by creating a strong mechanism. The local level people’s representatives of Nuwakot and Dhading said that the problem of garbage has arisen from time to time and stressed on the need to find a long-term solution.

At the same time, Minister Jhakri said that it would be better to form a committee comprising members of the House of Representatives rather than ministers and staff. She said that discussions would be held with the Prime Minister and a committee would be formed from the parliament.

According to Minister Jhakri, CPN-UML MP Ram Bir Manandhar has expressed his desire to be the coordinator of the committee. Speaking in Parliament, MP Manandhar has requested to be given the responsibility of waste management in Kathmandu.

He has proposed to form a parliamentary committee on waste management under his own chairmanship. “I had aspired to be the mayoral candidate of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, but I could not get the candidature. Garbage is currently destroying Kathmandu. I would like to make a demand to the government through the Speaker that a Garbage Management Parliamentary Committee be formed under my chairmanship, ”he said.

He claims that only he can manage the waste of Kathmandu. He said that a month has passed since the election of local level people’s representatives but the problem of garbage is increasing day by day. Stating that it has been one year since the formation of the current government, he said that a person with will power is needed for waste management and that person is himself.

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