Garima pant and hari thapaliya. jeevanshati with Mallvika Subba.Session 5.Ep48.

The program, which airs every Tuesday on Himalaya Television, Episode 48 of Jeevan Saathi Season 5, is about to fall in love and get married. Garima Pant, who has made a name for herself in the Nepali film industry, is engaged to be married after meeting with a successful businessman.

When people look at each other, when they become close friends, when their feelings and thoughts begin to coincide, they are bound in a marriage bond that they will spend their lives together. Garima says that her life is happier when she gets to live with a business man. There are various kinds of struggles in a person’s life, which require a close person to cope with.

Hari has said that he has fallen in love with a close friend. After liking something on the first day, he was moving things forward. In Jiban, people spend their time in struggle, they also spend their living time in conversation. She says that the two of them are proposing to each other as they are getting to know each other. She says that finding a friend like Roje has no effect on her life’s journey.

Shailesh talks as a life partner in the program prepared by Kandel Kshetri’s producer / director. Presenter, producer Malvika Subba and producer Anuj Pokharel are present on the occasion. How people are bound in a relationship. How is their relationship going? The way people live their lives is covered in the Yash program. People are close in their lives in different ways. Some are bound by love and move forward, while others unknowingly become life partners. Inevitably, it happens with each other in human language. People move forward with close relationships.

People want their spouse to be as understanding as they want to be, so that they can be happy for the rest of their lives and be determined to do something new in their life. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In order to fulfill the desires of your life, and to be a successful person, it is necessary to be like your spouse. If you associate with people who are just the opposite of what you want them to be in your life, they can neither be happy nor make progress in your life. Was done. Struggle inevitably occurs in human language, which is working to change the human language.

Marriage is a lifelong relationship, so it must be very close. In order for a person to be successful in anything, he must have the support of his spouse. Sometimes people, even without speaking, have lost their inner relationship, which has established the identity of a human being. In order to have a good relationship between people, a very good relationship must be established, which has established a close friendship with human beings. No matter how many times a person speaks, the person in front of him is close, a lot of people can be known. People need to understand each other to make their relationship smoother.

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