Garima warns to seek legal redressal against Prakash Subedi of Rajatpat

Controversial film presenter Prakash Subedi has come under controversy again. He has come under controversy over the content he aired about model Garima Sharma. He had made a program with Garima and singer Durgesh Thapa. Garima and Durgesh have been in controversy over the news of the video made on Tiktok Live.

Model Garima is going to take legal action against Prakash Subedi saying that she made the program by making unnecessary comments about the video she made for fun. She has stated that she has prepared a complete report about herself by broadcasting some part of the video made on Tiktok.

She is upset that unnecessary comments have been made about her character. After the Rajatpat program was aired, she became very emotional and came to Video Live and said that she would take legal action against Prakash Subedi and his program.

In a press release issued on Friday, Sharma expressed his serious objection saying that he had aired exaggerated and misleading report on his subject in a silver screen program aired on Epiwan Television on July 8. He said in a statement that he had “serious objections” to the killing of the character on the silver screen program.

“Before preparing the material, I had a telephone conversation with the presenter Prakash Subedi Jew, despite the fact that it was a general topic and only a joke. I would also like to inform through this press release that I am compelled to reach the concerned body for justice.

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