Garima’s answer to those who make bad comments, I will show by doing even better.

She did not know how to get involved in the field of art.  Pant said that after Baba, the student he taught, wrote the words, requested him to work in the field of art, after the first song became good, then he continued in this field.  “People who have never seen a shooting site start shooting at the same time,” said Pant.

Garima Pant has said that they have not been able to give the character as requested by the story.  While emerging in the field of art, she said that she was very sad when she suddenly came into conflict with her friends.  Although Durgesh Thapa has always been referred to as Dai, Pant has said that people have been making various comments in association with him.  Garima has said that by associating herself with different people, people who make bad comments, she has done a good job.

“There is a lot of tension in the beginning when there is a conflict while working. Later, if the world understands as time goes by, everything will be resolved,” she said.  She said that when she got into a dispute during her board exam, she had to face the fact that everyone had to speak up.  She said that she was saddened by the conflict and that she was worried that such a conflict would ruin her future.  Garima Pant said that since Tanahu was a place she did not see, she could not go to meet him due to her exams and if she could find someone to accompany her, she would go to Tanahu and meet Paul Sah.

Garima said that she has moved forward with the dream of making her tongue a beautiful flower.  Garima has said that her area is difficult, she has to speak knowingly in some places, she has to speak without knowing in some places.  In life, people have benefited a lot from the material they need.  According to Garima, a man will not get a field unless he is dragged into the fray.  In the beginning, when there is a conflict, many things bother her, now it doesn’t matter, she says.

People go through a lot of struggles in life, but in the meanwhile, when they fall in love with someone, they give up their housework and waste their important time, they suffer a lot of misery.  “People don’t become popular until they get into controversy. In the beginning, people get very sad when they get into controversy. Now it doesn’t matter,” says Garima Pant

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