Garo chha ho..episode 105

When Bhatbhate did not contact her at home for a long time, Putali remembers that the old man had called her from abroad in a dream. At home, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a fight, and later she goes to her mother-in-law. When Bhatbhate went out, his mother was taken out of the house saying that the doll was squeaking in the house. When the mother was about to leave the house, the baby’s father picked her up and put her on the road. At a time when the value of the village’s ancestral property has risen, Bhatbhat has begun to dream that his days will come from the poor.

Nepali comedy TV series is Garo, a program aired on Ap 1television, it comes from Bhatbhate mailaa yutube channel. In order to enjoy the happenings in the Nepali society, most of the people are interested in this TV series that will be made into a shield. Leaders who have been helping the people in the run-up to the elections have been searching for the people and helping them, even when the people are expecting a little help. The series is prepared by including the real events that are happening in the village society.

This episode shows people changing their habits day by day and walking in different directions. This garo is made by artists who have made their mark in the field of Nepali art and have been chosen by many people. The cast includes Begum Nepali, Riyasha Dahal, Sushil Pokhrel, Binod Rai, Manraj Shrestha, Rajkumar Debkota, Karan Shrestha, Aakriti Neupane, Sudarshan Khatiwada, Bimal Khadka, Yash Pi Chapagain, Binod Rai, Laxman Chaulagain, Subi Sahi, Deb Nepal, Begum. Pun Magar, Lochan Pun Magar, Sudarshan Khadka has managed it.

Lyrics: Sanjay Shripal, Singer: Dharmendra Sewan, Editor: Dilip Bist, Editor: Rabindra Khadka. Written by: Begum Nepali, Riyasa Dahal and Manaraj Shrestha Gurjudhara. Along with comedy entertainment, it shows the real happenings in the current society through comedy, what it is trying to inspire in the real life of a person.

The episode shows the reality of the leaders’ ploys to spread perversion in the current understanding. It has been shown that people who are known to be popular in villages and towns and who think that they are developing the village are also involved in spreading more perversion. Morally, it is not appropriate for a person who is involved in a social service to hurt others by drinking alcohol, but in today’s society, people who are also known as social workers are sent home with alcohol, which leads to fights in their homes. A person in a house who is tired of his life and thinks that he will get better now, has also been invited to drink alcohol.

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