Garo Chha Ho, Episode 64

Nepali comedy TV series Garo Chah Episode: 64 seeks to show the horrors of Nepali society. It cites the problem of real people. What can people do when they are not able to eat?  People have to eat a lot of hunder to run a normal life.  This series tries to show these bitter sweet moments. There are problems of their own kind in life.

People don’t want to eat at home. They are deceived to develop. What to eat at home. They belong to the party ranks. Development of the country is not done by one person only.  There is a tendency to sell honesty and give false assurances and then forget everything. Here is the problem of working for false farming and greed rather than the truth.

It depicts the real problem of our society, which does not even have to go from house to house for the sake of its position and chair.  The series depicts the events unfolding in the society and tries to give a positive message to the society. It is difficult to feed two people in a brother’s house.On the way, Batuwa asks Batuwa for help. Batuwa starts to shake his brother over what he means. Then he goes around looking for a house, asking what his brother has to say. After some time, he finds his own brother’s daughter-in-law.  The brother-in-law, who does not even have a grain in the house, does not have any food to eat.

The husband, who went to look for food, called the house three or four times and when no one spoke, he did not hesitate to enter the open door and steal the food.  He begs a lot. He refuses to give the grain saying why he had to steal it. He tries to bring it in his pocket. The housewife checks everything and takes it out.  Some go home with rice, potatoes and oil.
There is a hungry wife at home. When she reaches home, she starts cooking. Her brother, who told her the wrong way, is left at home by a social worker, Sebi.  After the first girl’s name is mentioned, the two husbands start quarreling with each other. They get more tense.

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