GARUD PURAN || New Nepali Movie 2021/2078 | Najir Husen | Karma | Kameshwor Chaurasiya

For Nepalese Hindus, the Garud Puran is a sacred text that guides departed souls to paradise safely and motivates the living to pursue the correct way. However, Garud Puran, a film that was released this week, has nothing to do with heaven or hell.


It belongs to the Comedy genre. Subash Koirala directed the film, and Subash Koirala, Binod Khatiwada, and Akash Baral wrote the screenplay. Karma Shakya, Najir Hussain, Priyanka Singh Thakuri, Kameswor Chaurasyia, Prabin Khatiwada, Prakash Ghimire, Rashmi Bhatta, Loonibha Tuladhar, and Basanta Bhatta are among the cast members of this film.

The title appears to be misleading, since there aren’t enough reasons to call the film that. It comes from the name of the ‘band baja kendra’ owned by the father of one of the main characters. During the opening scene, the audience just sees the name printed on a banner. There are no references to Garud Band Baja Kendra or the holy scripture in the film.

This is incorrect for a few of reasons. To begin with, the concept of a sadhu operating a sex clinic in Kathmandu is absurd. People like Renbo, with his prior understanding of different concerns and social participation, do not seek sexual power advice from a sadhu. Second, frank discussion of sexual topics in a film aimed at a wide audience is a poor notion unless the goal is to educate people; sex is a completely private subject. This is something that many contemporary film makers have overlooked. It becomes dirtier when double-meaning terms and phrases are employed solely to make others laugh. Renbo employs a lot of these phrases in his conversations.

Najir Hussain and Karma, who made their film debut following successful stage performances, did an excellent job in the film. Hussain’s acting is a little stiff at first, but it improves as the tale develops. Karma’s acting is adequate, but his characterization is troublesome. The acting of Kameshwar Chaurasiya, Prabin Khatiwada, and Prakash Ghimire is mediocre.

Priyanka Singh Thakuri’s performance should be judged fairly, given that this is her first debut on the big screen. Loonibha Tuladhar’s performance is outstanding since it is tailored to the character that the tale requires.

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