Gas and petrol found in Nepal, when will the excavation take place?

It has been confirmed that there is gas and petrol in Dailekh. According to the agreement reached between the governments of Nepal and China, the report of the seismic survey conducted for the exploration of petroleum products has confirmed that there is gas and petrol in Dailekh. A report sent to the Department of Mines and Geology by a Chinese technical team confirmed the presence of gas and petrol.

After the Chinese team sent the report, further process for excavation was started. Sudhir Rajaure told that. “It has been proved that there is gas and petrol in the surveyed area,” he said.

The Chinese government has not allowed a team of experts and technicians to come, citing the cause of the corona virus infection. He said an expert team was now waiting for permission from China’s Ministry of Natural Resources. “The results of the survey conducted in four areas are positive,” he said.

The department has stated that it will be continued as work has started as per the GTG agreement between the governments of the two countries. “A detailed survey and drilling would have been completed by now,” said the geologist. “The investigation has been delayed for about a year and a half due to Kovid,” said Rajaure.

The governments of Nepal and China had signed an agreement in 2017 for the extraction of petroleum products. Accordingly, work is being started in different phases.

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