Gaurisa, who works in a hotel, did not play serial with Sane. Why did Gaurisa cry when she entered?

Gaurisa Nepali, who works in a very popular hotel in Tiktak, has become a favorite of many viewers.  Everybody had tears in their eyes when they said goodbye to Phulmaya. Every Tuesday at 6 pm, photographer Suraj came on the market from the official YouTube channel.  After that, they will be seen together in the serial. Most of the people now prefer Gaurisa Nepali and Suraj Ghimire from Pokhara who are acting in the most used Yap Tiktok in Nepal, soaking in their life, acting on what they have seen, uploading it on Tiktok.

18-year-old Gaurisa and Suraj are now the most popular people in the society, according to the real events that are happening in the society.  Some time ago, Gaurisa said in an interview that she was interested in working with Suraj, and the two met during a program.  Gaurisa, who loves art very much, and Suraj, who is moving forward in the field of art, met at the same place today.  Suraj Ghimire, who met at the same place and won the interview together.

After her father’s death, Gaurisa, who started working at the canteen, said that she would make and upload tickets during her one-hour break.  Gaurisa, who believes that no matter how respectable her life is, no matter how small it is, says that she does all the work in the hotel together.  Making sentimental videos, making people emotional, both of them have a great sense of humor.  The life of Gaurisa, who is living a life ahead, has become like a story seen on a screen.

Gaurisa, who is responsible for whatever she does, makes ticks based on the happenings in the society. In the current situation, she tickles and uploads the things that are happening in the society.  Gaurisa, who has been renting a room in Pokhara, is now very much in the minds of viewers in Tiktok. She started using Tiktok aap 1 year ago.  On the other hand, she says that the common man’s stove-shaped onion is very popular among the people.

Gaurisa, who has been improving Tiktok, says that the positive comments from the same people started coming later.  She says that she used to make tick ticks. She says that she prefers tick ticks made by touching trust, when she is a girl, polygamy.  Gaurisa, who was giving the message, said that she would enter the field of acting if anyone demanded it.

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