Gautam Buddha International Airport ready for Test Flight

Gautam Buddha International Airport project is a big project which is under the construction at Bhairahawa, Butwal. It has reached to the final phase claimed by the Airport constructions authority. This construction gives big slap on the face of many peoples who always try to find fault on the Nepal government. It covers the area of 10,530 ropanees. 3000km is for Runway and the old 1550km Runway is used as the way for taxis. The airport is ready for test flight.

The construction of new Runway has been almost completed. Within a certain period of time, the international planes will be launched from here. The work of fixing tiles, marbles and painting of buildings has been completed. The terminal building of the airport is highly facilitated, which can afford the load of around 400 peoples at a time. In the terminal building, there is a facility of CCTV, X-ray machine, AC lodge bed and many more. For the fast construction of building, the work is divided into ICB i.e. ICB1 and ICB2. The work of ICB1 has been almost completed which contains the construction works. The work of ICB2 is still in pending which consist the work of infrastructures joining. The work of Air Traffic Control (ATC) will also be completed within a next month. Facility of electricity, marking in the Runway, lightening, fire building has been completed. The work of finishing the building is on the way. The facility of Ambulance and fire engine have been provided. The budget for the ICB1 is around 6 Arab and 82 crores. Similarly, for ICB2 around 50 crores had been fixed including a VAT. The physical infrastructure of the building has been almost completed in this year and there is a plan of launching it in the next year 2078 within the next three months. According to the report almost 95% of the progress has been completed. Some technical resources are been awaited because it has to be brought from an abroad. Available technical resources are been utilized and the project is running smoothly till date.

The project had been stated since 2015. For the first three years only 25% of the work had been completed. After that the project runs in a smooth flow by the national and international support. According to the Project Chief Prabesh Adhikari, the remaining equipment has been imported now. Now, it will not take more than three months to fix the equipment. Two south Korea experts are working for it and two other experts from USA are hired and they will be in Nepal within a couple of weeks. The experts of India and China are also working on the project. It will be one of the governments national pride project. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had earlier planned to bring the Gautam Buddha International Airport project into action by the onset of 2021. This will be the second international airport in Nepal after Kathmandu. The international flight will takeoff from this airport within a few months.

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