Gautama Buddha Nijgadh Pokhara International Airport. New international airport

The three biggest airports of Nepal, Gautam Budh, Niggarh and Pokhara, have played an important role in the country’s political, physical, economic development. Although a large amount of money is spent on the construction of this airport, it will play an important role in the development of the country. These airports are of international level, they are providing services to the customers by studying them.

Some time ago, the plane that could not land at Tribhuvan airport, went to Lucknow, India and landed, in the situation where the international air service could not reach the destination, in the flight panel submitted for the diverted airport, it should go where it has been submitted. it happens The right to decide where to land the plane coming to Nepal and what to do is in the hands of the captain of the ship. Jazeera also filled the missing flight on Gautam Buddha Air.

After 75 years, Gautam Buddha International Airport, the second largest airport in Nepal, has become the first choice of passengers. According to national and foreign passengers, when traveling from Tribhuvan International Airport, many people are crowded, due to the many traffic jams while traveling on the road, it takes a long time to reach their destination. He said. He said that he is very happy when people who reach home in two days reach home in one day.

Airports that have received recognition for international flights have decided to provide more services to consumers by flying to different places. The airport covering an area of ​​810 bighas has said that it will fly to various countries. The second largest airport of Nepal, Gautam Budh International Airport, has launched an international flight for the first time. An Indian Air Force aircraft landed on Baisakh 28th.

As the Gautam Budh International Airport is about to be prepared, the cargo has also been brought to the final stage. Since we cannot fly long-distance flights from Nepal to the US, Gautam Buddha Airport is about to be built to fly long-distance flights from Nepal. The party has started work at a fast pace. In order to go from Nepal to many distant countries like America and Australia, it seems that the situation has been created for people going out of Nepal to go to another country and take a flight. .

People are looking for service facilities close to them, but due to lack of sufficient resources in Nepal, they are forced to get service facilities from outside. Gautam Buddha International Airport has been built in order to make the largest airport in Nepal. Sometimes, if there is no place to land at Tribhuvan International Airport, it is possible to stay away from the situation of having to be held in the air, and having to go to India to land. With the construction of the airport, common citizens can get many benefits in Bhairahawa. As the construction of the airport is nearing its final stage, many citizens will be able to take advantage of it.

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