Gbob: I can’t stand the pressure of family,

Rapper G. (Bob) has been dragged into further controversy after a complaint was lodged with the district administration against his own parents and the secrets of the family were revealed in the interview.

At a press conference on Friday, the father and mother spoke out about G-Bob’s temperament, behavior, and the fact that he was addicted to drugs and returned to work.

Saying that his father and mother had come to the media, Mr. Bob had organized a press meet today to explain the allegations against him. He also said that his father had come from Dubai.

Objecting to his father coming in contact with him after a long time, he said, “I will not live with my father and mother now because my father is not with me.” He said, “I am a superstar.”

At the press conference, he said that he should be allowed to say whatever he thinks is right.

I have spoken reality. But, don’t blame the mother. Our relationship was already problematic. He even used obscene language in the microphone, saying it was personal freedom.

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