Gbob parents are in the media saying that their son had to be saved, his life is in danger

G-Bob (Sudip Bhandari) is a rap singer who has been in the news lately. Various news about him came out from time to time. Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that tensions have risen between G-Bob and his parents. A complaint has been lodged with the district administration office after tensions escalated between G-Bob and his parents. It is said that his parents also lodged a complaint against him.

Even after giving dirvos to her husband Naga, she has such an amazing income. She has become an actress not only in Telugu but also worldwide. It is not necessary to say what the reason is. Samantha does her project well. Samantha’s name was also associated with the son of the famous Telugu actor Nagarjuna. Samantha is the ex-wife of Nagarjuna’s son Naga Chaitanya.

Samantha has a lot of big movies and the actress is going to do a lot of projects digitally. At this time, Samantha also has a Hollywood movie in her bag, from which the heroine is about to make her global debut. But let us tell you that Samantha takes a lot of money not only for film but also for brand promotion. Samantha often promotes certain brands on her social media account.

Recently, she has been promoting bikinis on Instagram. According to the news, the actress had taken millions of rupees from the brand for this promotion. It is reported that Samantha gets Rs 2 to 30 million for posting and promoting the photos of these brands on Instagram. If you look closely, you will find that Samantha does only two or three posts a month for brand support.

Recently, a bag called Samantha Burberry was also promoted. Samantha’s popularity is proof that the actress can maintain her harmony even without filming. He has 23.9 million followers on Instagram and 9.8 million on Twitter.

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