Girl is crying in Puskal Sharma’s song

A video has gone viral on social media since last Thursday. A girl is crying in Puskal Sharma’s song. She screamed the lyrics of ‘Mutu Jalai Jalai’ and while singer Sharma was singing the song of ‘Aauchhu Aaai Naun’, she left the band and cried.

Singer Puskal Sharma sang these two songs at the Sudurpaschim Provincial Festival in Attaria, Kailali. In the first song, ‘Mutu Jalai Jalai’, she only sang the song with emphasis, and in the next song, she broke down and cried.

In the Tiktok video he posted earlier, it is also confirmed that he is a fan of this song and singer Puskal Sharma. Aanchal Nath’s girl has also been followed by singer Puskal Sharma. She also thanked for following.

As her video went viral, some speculated that she may have broken up, while others explained it as a power in music. Director of Voice of Nepal Laxman Paudyal said that he was happy to see the power of music after watching the video. Also, some have speculated that he may have broken up.

The festival will be held from today 27th to 9th January under the organization of Attaria Udyog Banijya Sangh. Locals have said that in order to make the festival, which has been conducted every year in Attaria for a long time, successful and civilized, the arts, culture, costumes, behavior, agriculture, tourism, etc. should be included in all areas.

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