Gita Oli is sitting in everyone’s heart without smiling. Everyone says Kali with love

There are many people who change their lives by going viral on Nepali tickets. There are still many places in our society that are far away from the field of communication. Those who have chosen media for business have changed their lives overnight.  Many people spend their time for others. If you understand the world of time, you don’t have to go anywhere to change your life. You can look for the world even if you stay at home.  If we decide our journey by understanding the world society and the present environment, we can shape our future wherever we are.

In our society, there are still many people who don’t understand social media, how many lives have been lost and how many have become gods. The coward has shaken the world.  The network is a bad medium. It doesn’t take long to change one’s life if one can use the social network to get information about the corners of the world from the comfort of one’s own home.  This is the only way to use social media after studying how and where to use it.
Gita Oli, who was born in Kailali in the far west, continued her studies at her uncle’s house in Bardiya. She went to Kathmandu with her brother to study.  During the lockdown, when everyone was on the ticket, she also started making tickets without knowing it. After her ticket went viral, she started making a different journey in her life. When the ticket went viral, she started getting invitations from many areas.  Those who did began to give good inspiration.
A 17-year-old girl who started making tiktok in her spare time with her studies. She is now loved by many in Tiktak as Kali, Anubhav Rani. Her parents are in Bangalore, India to support her family due to poor financial condition.  Cheli, who is moving forward, has now been invited by the great artists to meet her. She captivates people by gesturing according to the rhythm of the words of the song.  They do it by mixing gestures together. His gestures are very pleasing.
Social media is now being used extensively all over the world. Events from anywhere in the world are being watched at home via the Internet at the same time.  Networking is used. A recent study shows that the number of suicides has increased since the use of social media. It depends on how people understand and use social media. If they do not understand social media, it is a bad thing.

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