Gold price declined in the Nepali market on Tuesday

Gold prices declined in the Nepali market on Tuesday. The price of gold, which had risen by Rs 200 per tola on Monday, has dropped by Rs 500 per tola today. According to the Federation of Nepali Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs, the price of gold bullion, which was trading at Rs 86,500 per tola on Monday, has come down to Rs 86,000 per tola today.

Similarly, the price of hot gold is being traded at Rs 85,550 per ounce today. Similarly, the price of silver has decrease today. Today, the price of silver is being traded at Rs 1,215 per tola. There are different types of gold in world just like 24k, 22k and 18k . 24k gold is pure gold, It is known to be 99.9 per cent pure and takes on a distinct bright yellow color. There is no higher form of gold than 24K and you must be aware of this before you go to a dealer who might tell you that they’re selling you 25K or 26K gold.

22K gold jewellery implies that 22 parts of the jewellery amounts to gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metals. This kind of gold is commonly used in jewellery making. In 22K gold, of the 100 per cent, only 91.67 per cent is pure gold. Mainly 24k is best gold in all market place , in nepal most of the gold are made up of 24k gold ,gold are mainly used in different wedding ceremony, or festival . 18K gold is 75 per cent gold mixed with 25 per cent of other metals like copper or silver to make it strong and good looking. Usually cover jewellery and other diamond jewellery is made in 18K gold. This kind of gold is less expensive compared to 24K and 22K so if anyone dont have enough money anyone can buy 18k gold from anywhere. people mainly were gold to show off other people so many cases just like chain snacching were held in nepal too so people need to were small amount of gold in his or body cause many people dont have same view , so gold is the best product which is making highing price in nepal.

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