Grayendra shahi gave oxygen cylinders to Ganga Tharu for Dang

Gyanendra shahi is a social activist who is know for his numerous human well being work in Nepal. At current situation of covid pandemic he is trying to help general public and covid effected people in various ways. In his recent activity he is busy in finding business man and middleman who is involved in black market sales of medical equipment needed for covid treatments, recently he raided the medical supplier store who was selling oximeter imported from China work of 800 rupees and was sold 2000 for much higher profit.

In this video, Gyanendra Shahi and his team is busy in collecting oxygen cylinder from different part of kathmandu valley which is in high demand and people at hospital in kathamndu and different part of country are dying in lack of oxygen. He assume that there are nearly 5000 portable oxygen cylinders could be recovered from people which are not in use and can be used for patients at hospital at this pandemic situation.

He donated 5 oxygen cylinder to MP Ganga Chaudary ( Tharu) of rapati gaupali where 6 people of died of corona in a single day. She says the politician are due to people if there are no people there wont be politics and politician, so the public comes first. Her son is doctor and she has asked her son to volunteer for the public, she aded she has not eaten well since last week and has not slept a single night well due to numerous phone calls from the public of the region asking for help. She was stopped by the police while she was trying to take few oxygen cylinders from kathmandu valley to Dang for the needy people but she was denied to do so, and she express her anger saying kathmandu is jut not nepal and people from 77 district should be treated equally.

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