Great daughters: To save money sent by dad from abroad, they started selling food on the street.

There are many children in Nepal who are earning money by studying. They are helping their parents with hard work. There are many children who are struggling for a long time to help their parents.  Most of the children in the present situation seem to be more prone to bad deeds in their spare time.  People who have stepped forward by being each other’s charioteers in life are constantly engaged in their work.

In the current situation, the daughters who have started their income by setting up shop near Lipulen Khola in Rainas Municipality-6 of Lamjung have become unparalleled.  Others have to learn a lesson from these great daughters who are earning their living by going to school. They have honored those great daughters who have been playing with small and big sorrows in their lives and cleansing their pockets.Rainas, the cave is a good place for people who come to the place because there is no water supply on the way. They have chosen a new option.  People started selling chocolates and pickles. People used to carry various necessities with them when they came around. They are now earning income by setting up shop as an opportunity to fulfill their needs and desires.  She explains.

Sirjana Mijar, the eldest daughter studying in class 11, and Sima Mijar, the youngest daughter, are also being helped by their younger sister.  She says that everyone in the family who started other business at home is doing well. She says that her father is in foreign employment to increase the financial condition of the family.

The mother and daughter are found to be working together. The mother cooks the food while the daughter is running the hay shop.  She says that she is happy with her work. When people come to visit, they eat breakfast while walking around. She says that after seeing the hard work of her sister Baini and mother, everyone asks about her.

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