Gyanendra, finally apologized to everyone

. A compromise has been reached in the incident against Gyanendra Shahi in Surkhet. Shahi has given information on social media after apologizing to those who attacked him. He made a video public and said that he has apologized for doing so. Shahi said that the identities of those involved in the incident have been revealed and he has apologized for their future.

After the incident happened to him, some women said that the incident happened because the royal group had done something wrong. But even those women have now withdrawn. The incident was said to have taken place after the royal group tried to misbehave with the women. But now the women have retracted their statements.

After the news came that Shahi was wrong, he has made the video public to prove it false. He has challenged to write news about himself only after understanding the truth. The incident took place in Surkhet against a group of Shahis who had come to help those affected by the epidemic.

Police had arrested five people on the charge of being involved in the incident. Sujan Saru Magar, Lalit Gaha, Tank Salami, Ghanshyam Salami and Nawaraj Giri of Surkhet were arrested and further investigation was carried out.
Their group was injured. Shahi’s group has been discharged from the hospital after treatment. Paddy One, the district in-charge of YCL, said in the video that the woman had accepted the statement.

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