Gyanendra Sahi’s revelation against Batas, praise for Prem Ale, warns who have bad eye on palace

Gyanendra Sahi, Coordinator of Our Nepal We Nepali Campaign, has expressed his views on the current situation in the country.  The big companies in the private sector have raised their voices against the Nepalese wealth and property. Not only the wind company in Nepal has lost its bad deeds, but many such companies have been doing wrong deeds in their area.  Companies have said that they have started looking at government assets for their own benefit.

He said that those who do business in Nepal have become more foreign, and have become Nepalis in order to do business in Nepal.  He said that only one Chaudhary group produces noodles. He also accused Nepal of not being able to develop due to the trend of importing and selling foreign goods to Nepal.  At the same time, the income of the country is also increasing. Nepal has not been able to produce a citizenship, a national identity card.

He said that since the leaders of the country are one and the same, they should join the same party.  He said that the country has not been able to develop. He said that the leaders in the government have the same qualities even though the parties are different, so they should move forward by forming a single party.  However, he said that the contract will be in their hands even if they have been neglecting the contract for years.

Prem Ale has said that those who are now in the country, depending on the power and authority of immoral acts, should focus on jailing those who keep an eye on Nepal’s wealth.  He said that since they have the entire system, they are engaging in immoral acts in the eyes of the people.”Even if Jole wins in Nepal, there will be no development and prosperity, so instead of spending money, leaders should play tricks on those who win,” he said.

Leaders and activists only make voter cards for their voters, other people are not allowed to vote, so many people are deprived of voting and traitors come to power, he said.  He said that Nepal has been created by unification. He said that they are the beasts who do not respect them.  He is currently living and working in someone else’s house in the village, but Prachanda’s grandson is studying in Nepal’s top school, the children of other leaders are studying abroad.

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