Gyanendra Shah in hospital bed due to Kumba Mela

Former King Gyanendra Shah and his wife have been admitted to hospital due to health problems. On his return from India, he was confirmed as a corona. Shah both are admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with health problems. Gyanendra Shah and Komal Shah, who had attended the Kumba mela in India,they both tested Corona positive.

The Shah couple, who were in isolation at Nirmal Niwas after the corona was confirmed, was admitted to the Norvik Hospital in Thapathali at 1 pm today. According to Phani Pathak, the former king and queen were admitted to the hospital as they would be comfortable in the hospital. Corona was confirmed to the Shah couple on April 22. The two-month-long kumba mela in India was a hot spot in Corona.

The second wave of corona epidemic has spread in India. The second wave of Corona has started from India to Nepal. The report was negative during the test in India. The test was done in Nepal and the former queen was confirmed as a corona.

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