Gyanendra shahi in favor of independents. No new power claims to cut RPP’s vote

Born in Sinja, Jumla, a large area of ​​Karnali province, Gyanendra Sahi was constantly talking about the need for social change. After a long period of street agitation, RPP had entered. He said that even if independent people come to the country, they should work continuously for the development of the country. He said that the development of the country has not been possible due to the tendency of the country to spend a large amount of money on leaders and activists.

He said that the development of the country would not be possible by hurting the people by raising taxes and feeding the leaders themselves and themselves. “We are expanding our organization and we are constantly working for the election of the union,” he said. Sahi has said that he is sure to contest from Kathmandu Constituency No. 2 and Jumla. People of a religiously natural country, we have to go and work in the Gulf Miluk, leaving the old side in the hospital for treatment and not handing over the leadership of the country, who will play an important role in the development of the country. Sahi has said that it should be done. He was of the view that in order to reduce corruption in Nepal, any action should be taken in a way that would provide services to the common man.

After 16 years of changing the leadership of RAPPA, after falling into the hands of the youth, now a sea of ​​people from all over the country has started going to RAPPA. Rajendra Lingden, Gyanendra Sahi and Rekha Thapa, the three leaders in the RPP, are holding a door-to-door campaign in the local body elections. Gyanendra Sahi: We Nepalis have been raising our voices against various corruptions, atrocities and immoral acts in the society from our Nepal as well. As the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) elected a new leadership and became popular with the people, new people began to enter the party.

Gyanendra Sahi, who has made a name for himself among the Nepali people, has been showing the work done by the Nepali Congress and the Maoists in the society in the coming local elections, saying that the people should understand and take decisions now. Questioning the Nepali leaders who work differently from what the Nepali people want, the people’s rule should come, the leaders who have been working in foreign lands should come to Nepal, the Nepali people should advance the youth and capable people in the interest of Nepal and Nepalis. Emphasizes. For a long time, the only thing he loved was the power of the chair, not doing anything for the people, to win the leader by voting is to throw an ax at one’s own feet, said Sahi.

Sahi said that the Nepali people are playing with the will of the Nepali people by using the country of blood and sweat as a source of income. Thapa said that as long as he was staying in the Maoist shop, the food produced there was harmful to the people. Thapa, who is involved in Nepali politics, said that there is no sense of violence in the country. She also said that she will always be a voice for the rights and interests of the Nepali people. Sahi said that if he could not do as much as he was told, his importance would not even exist and he would always struggle to fulfill it. KP Oli, who has been cheating the Nepali people and paving his way, has exposed Prachanda’s gakat work and his friend and Thapa have said that they should be taught to take oath in the upcoming election.

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