Gyanendra Shahi slams the corporation boss in front of the police: robbing the people and giving free fuel to the leaders

As the price of petroleum products started to rise sharply, the price of petrol was increased by Rs. 21 and diesel by Rs. 27 at the same time from 12 o’clock last night. Apparently, they have asked the corporation’s boss for complete data on how much it costs to get petroleum products to Nepal. Gyanendra Sahi had demanded full details as to how much and why free oil has been made available to the government employees of Nepal due to the fluctuating prices in the foreign market.

Sahi demanded that private companies sell oil in India, government companies sell oil in Nepal, taxes should not be increased, and how much and why the Oil Corporation provides it to the VIP people of Nepal. The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has repeatedly raised the price of petroleum products since last July. Acting Executive Director Engineer Sushil Bhattarai has given reasons for the increase in fuel prices. The price of all commodities has gone up as soon as the price of fuel has gone up in the market. The price of imported vegetables has gone up.

Some time ago, Nepal Oil Corporation bought from India for Rs 84, sold in Nepal for Rs 142, Nepal Oil Corporation seems to have always declined. He said that the price of petroleum products in Nepal has gone up as soon as they arrived in Nepal due to trade relations between the two countries, diesel at Rs 34 per liter and petrol at Rs 40 per liter. The Nepal Oil Corporation has stated that it has to sell at a profit of 50-60 paisa per liter. Bhattarai said that he had to incur a loss of Rs 13 per liter. Although the cost of petroleum products is Rs 153, Bhattarai said that he had to trade at a loss when he had to sell at Rs 142.

Nepal Oil Corporation has recently increased the price of petroleum products by Rs 3 per liter for petrol and diesel and Rs 10 per liter for domestic aviation fuel. Recently, the prices of diesel, kerosene and petrol, which were twice a month, have gone up. As it is a government company, it has taken a loan, incurred a loss of Rs 4-5 billion a month, and if it had run a private company, it could have already closed down, he said. He said that the price has gone up by Rs 3 in Nepal while it has gone up by Rs 7 in one day in the international market. Bhattarai said that prices should be managed in time. The director said that Nepal Rastra Bank had to incur huge losses as it had to exchange dollars.

He said that the leakage which was earlier 1% has been reduced to 0.5% and the loss of up to Rs 2 billion per annum has been stopped even after laying the pipeline. The first adjustment was made in diesel kerosene 104 and petrol 121 in Baisakh 4. In May, it had increased by 2 per liter. Although it increased by 2 per liter on August 5, it remained the same for some time due to cornea. In August, the price of gas was 1450. In the month of Kartik, there was a sudden increase of 75 in gas. But for the past five years, there has been no external audit. Protests have started from all quarters after the income corporation emptied the white tanks of the government, which is running at a loss of Rs 1.87 billion.

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