Gyanendra Shahi’s health material distribution campaign

Young engineer Gyanendra Shahi has been running various campaigns since the spread of corona infection in Nepal. They have been feeding the hungry and distributing oxygen to patients suffering from corona and lack of oxygen. Corona from different parts of the country are currently reaching out to different parts of the country to distribute the necessary materials for prevention. He and his team are working day and night to protect the Nepalese people from the Corona infection.

He has been distributing health items in collaboration with Nepali brothers and allies in the country and abroad. The hospital has been distributing oxygen cylinders, ventilator machines and other necessary items. There are also PPE, Surgical Max, Sanitizer and other items. He has been providing the necessary items to hospitals, health centers and other institutions in different parts of the country. Similarly, Gyanendra Shahi’s team visited Sunwal Hospital to monitor the distribution of health items. But after the staff there provided the necessary support to the team’s work, Shahi has abused them. An official letter is required for the materials to be distributed by the royal team. But after the staff of the hospital did not write a letter, the royal staff is angry.

People are scattering because of Corona. In this situation, people are losing their lives prematurely due to the management of the staff. Corona patients have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen and ventilator. Shahi and his team are working to distribute health supplies, saying that they will not lose their lives prematurely in view of the growing corona infection in Nepal. The team is also planning to distribute health items in Humla, Jumla and Kalikot. Apart from this, goods are also being distributed in Dang, Chitwan and other districts. The group is also distributing millions of oxygen machines. As the number of oxygen machines decreases, the corona patient may need to be relocated. In this case, the patient has to lose his life.

Gyanendra Shahi says that they are trying to treat the corona that is spreading in the villages. They are distributing packages including medicines including vitamin C, citamole and glucose. The package to be distributed to the people includes sanitizer, hand wash, herpes, surgical max, gloves and other medicines. They are also distributing PPE, machine and other items to the hospitals.

Along with the distribution of health items, the team has been monitoring Sunwal Hospital. He met the patients of Corona who were being treated at the hospital. In addition, the isolation beds constructed in the hospital have also been monitored. The hospital is providing all the necessary services for the patients and the nurse of the hospital says. Six nurses and two doctors are regularly serving patients at the hospital.

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