Hajur musukkai- Rajesh hamal, niruta singh, prince, priyana

Famous singer Krishna BK, who has been struggling in Nepali song music, and Suresh Adhikari, music / lyrics in the song “Hazur Musukkai” sung by popular singer Rachna Rimal. Recorded from Prisma Hamal, purple studio, this song has become popular among many people in a short time. The song, which is played by famous artists, not only entertains, but also reflects a social consciousness and love.

Famous Nepali artists Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh, Princy Biswakarma, Priyana Acharya, Subir Pandit, Zaken B C, Santosh Magarati, Shri Raj Bikram Pandey, Shreya Sapkota have acted. From the famous artists of Nepal, to the newly emerging artists, this song has become a message country. There is an attempt to bring out the things of love in this song which says that after you laugh, this life will be lost.

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The old king Maharaja, in this song, which is like a fun to do in the royal palace, showing the things of love, the person he loves, has said that his life will be jerked after laughing. It is said in this song that I have come to meet you from far away Salyan after my life started increasing. When a man falls in love, he is loved as the greatest power in the world.

The video has been prepared in a dramatic, entertaining way, like the festival celebrated by the old king Maharaja in the twenty-second and twenty-fourth kingdoms. The order from the king was to be obeyed by all before, and the king’s men would recite it to the rabbis. When the court announced that the prince and princess would be married, the prince said he would not obey the order. When the prince tells that he is in love with another girl, it is decided not to allow the prince to stay in the palace

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