Halka Ramailo || Episode 141 || 24 July || 2022 || Balchhi Dhurbe, Raju Master || Nepali Comedy

In order to keep your body away from fatigue and add new vigor and energy to life, there is a need for entertainment. With the aim of making people’s problems and stresses easier through entertainment, the comedy television program is light-hearted and includes the current environment that is suitable for the elderly and children. It has been acted by well-known cartoonists, and has made a satirical picture of the happenings in the society.

It is shown in light fun by portraying the sorrows and joys of people in their village and human life. Balchi is a character living in a village by working as a fisherman. The boys who are in love with the girls in the village, used to raise riots in various activities. A child who thinks he is big does not want to take himself to the leading position in everything.

Raju Master, who is known as a bhaladami of the village, comes from abroad as a middleman, works for rich people, and is looking at how to fill his pocket. The master takes even strangers for money and engages in bargaining for money. In order to earn money, he is actively playing his role in bringing people from here to there and people from there to here.

Balchhi Dhurbe YouTube channel launched this comedy teleserial, 124 episodes have been successfully produced, it is supported by a large team. Production: Mediahub pvt.ltd, Production Advisor: Som Dhital, Direction: Raju Balchhi, Editor: Rabin Bhatta ,Graphics:suvas Pokharel,script writer:marichaman Shrestha,Raju paudel,Music:Bipin acharya,Camera:Rahul Rai,Ghanshyam Pokharel,vocal:Rajesh payal Rai,Artist:Raju paudel,marichaman Shrestha,sarada giri,krishna shiwakoti,anita basnet ,Kamala Regmi,Ishu Karki,Ujwal KhaDaka,Sabina Acharya,Sabina Giri,Shyam Rai,Krishna Urab,Nirmala Acharya,Raju Karki

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