Halka Ramailo – Nepali Comedy – Epi 113

People have become very fast at one task after another like social media, people need a lot of entertainment in business after doing a lot of work.  Humorous television program, aimed at making life easier for the young and the old through entertainment, is a light-hearted comedy program.  In addition to showing, what is the honor of coming to Nepal by doing more suffering abroad than that is shown in today’s episode.

Balchhi is a character who earns his living by doing simple fishing work in a village. He is living in the barn of Raju Master, a very respectable man.  Raju, known as a gentleman of the village, is trying to fill his pockets by working as a middleman with people who have money from abroad.  They are also involved in bargaining for money, taking strangers into their own hands.

In today’s society, if a man with money and a green card sees his age, activities  doesn’t care about anything, he moves on with him before marrying his daughter .  When a girl from America falls in love with a sweetheart, Raju Master guarantees to get her married on the condition that he will take one million rupees.  But her daughter sometimes calls the man from America “Grandfather” and sometimes “Uncle.”  Has not come

Coming to market from Balchhi Dhurbe YouTube channel, this comedy TV series has managed to release 111 episodes, with the support of a very large team in its production. Production: Mediahub pvt.ltd, Production Advisor: Som Dhital  Graphics: suvas Pokharel, script writer: marichaman Shrestha, Raju paudel, Music: Bipin acharya, Camera: Rahul Rai, Ghanshyam Pokharel, vocal: Rajesh payal Rai, Artist: Raju paudel, marichaman Shrestha, sarada giri, krishna shiwakoti, anita Basnet,  kamala Regmi, ishu karki, ujwal khaDaka, sabina acharya, sabina giri, shyam rai, krishna urab, nirmala acharya, Raju karki

After hearing about the marriage, Balchi got married to both the girls and after seeing that Krishna and Pyaari had to call him son-in-law after saying various things, he even dreamed of blowing up the mandapa.  In this series, people have tried to show the fact that the habit of walking even though they are rich people has caused them a lot of pain in the future.  They are amazed at how they got the green card.

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