Hamal’s formula for reforming politics: Farewell to Talbi leader Gopal Hamal.

After people’s trust and confidence in politics started to lose, Gopi Hamal, who became the mayor after running as an independent candidate, is now working continuously to create a beautiful Sudurpaschim. Hamal, who had taken special initiatives for social development before joining politics, has now said goodbye to the poor leader, promoted bad people, brought in competent people, and improved the secretariat.

He said that now he is not on the side of becoming better, but on the side of making Dhangadhi better, so he has to take a lot of ricks. Now they have started specialist services in every village, lab ultrasound ECG and other services are provided free of charge.

Hamal said that now we are moving forward with the slogan that we will build our Dhangadhi. He said that since there is a problem of water stagnation in Dhangadhi, the first thing to solve it is to make a place where the water flows. Hamal said that it will not take much time to become Nepal, we have to go to the field and carry forward the work with vision from the heart. He said that citizens should be independent for the development of the country.

Gipal Hamal, who became the mayor of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city, has said that he will not go to the temple and take any service facility of the government and will not do any corruption. Hamal has said that since he has to work inside the garbage, he will clean it by entering the same garbage. Although independent candidates were given from many places in the local elections, Balen Sah who became the mayoral candidate from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Harak Sampang Rai who became the mayoral candidate of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, Gopal Hamal who became the mayoral candidate from Dhangadhi were very popular. They became very famous by taking their agenda, vision and perception to the people.

Hamal, who is a businessman, said that if he wins in Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city, he will spend his life in the development of the country and the people without taking a single rupee from the government budget. Unelected Hamal is a businessman, the Dinesh Group owned by him does many types of business, since he has many businesses, his brothers are also involved in the same profession. Hamal, who is engaged in business, is also in the forefront in social service, he organized important events to make the South West beautiful in 2063, he also organized free public transport. He said that he played an important role in the establishment of a cloth bank for the poor, minimized the widespread corruption in Dhangadhi, and continued to play a role in social welfare activities.

He said that since God has given him everything, in the days to come, Haru will continue to work in the service of the residents of Dhangadhi. He also requested to come between 8-10 am for the meeting as there is a rush of work towards the beginning of the financial year. After he was elected, he has requested various organizations and people in Dhangadhi not to invite him in the programs such as meetings, receptions, inaugurations, etc. He said that since the development so far has been based on access, he will continue to take initiatives to fulfill the future development vision and the needs of the local residents.

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