Hanga Ko Phool || Samikshya Adhikari || Bikram Budhathoki/Bina Raut|| Nabin Karki | New Nepali Song

Another new song ‘Hangako Phulko’ has been released by Katun singer Subhash Puri.

In the video, the touching and realistic theme of the young people cheating on their girlfriends in the name of love is shown in the video in an artistic style.

Director Bikram Chauhan has presented the story of her boyfriend returning with time and betraying her in the middle of the video. In the video, beautiful model Bina Raut and Bikram Budhathoki’s acting can be seen.

The song has music by Nabin Karki composed by Dinesh Raj Puri, cinematography by Prakash Khadka and editing by Milan Bik.

Some time ago, the song ‘Bajai Deu’ sung by singer Subhash Puri and singer review officer came on the market. Which was widely discussed.

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