Happy Dashain- New Dashain song 2078by Raju Dhakal, Devi Gharti, Rabin Lamichhane, Asmita DC

The new song is coming to the market with the best wishes of Chad Dasami, the great victory of Nepalis.  The great festival of the Nepalese people, Bijaya Dasami, which is being celebrated as a celebration of victory, is beginning to be felt by all Nepalis living abroad.
After Santosh Pant wrote the words, he composed the same song in the tragedy of Pardesi and Ghardesh.  The song tells the story of thousands of Nepalis living abroad dreaming of making their family happy, keeping their parents happy and providing quality education to their children.


Nepali brothers and sisters go abroad carrying various burdens to earn two paisa. Thousands of dreams are fulfilled. Many dreams are lost in foreign countries.  Santosh Pant has written the words by including the stories of these joys and sorrows. Suppressing their desires, Nepalis are sweating blood in the hot sun by decorating various dreams. They are eager to meet their families.  Those who are thinking of having fun with their families by sitting together with their families and getting vaccinated are already touched by the festival.  They are very happy.

Those who are waiting for a quick reunion with their family are counting the days of the festival. Those who come home for the festival are happily touched, while those who are with them are tormented by the pain of parting. Those who are packing for the family are happy.  Those who seek blessings from the phone are tormented by sorrow. The struggle of life, which includes good and bad things, is very touching for Nepalis. This song, which is composed of the joys and sorrows and the environment in which Nepalis from home and abroad are celebrating the festival, has become relative to time.

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