Hard blow of soft Nikhil … EP-04. PRAKASH SUBEDI. NIKHIL UPRETI. The prakash subedi show

Famous hero Nikhil Upreti, who has made a name for himself as a Jackson hero in the Nepali film industry, has come to Prakash Subedi and put his word. Although Balen Sah said that he could manage the sidewalks before the election, now those who trade on those sidewalks are in trouble. After Nikhil Upreti made a film called Pijada, he had vanished. He has made his debut in 200 films in Nepali and Bhojpuri. He is now better known as a motivational speaker than a hero.

Nikhil, who is known for his softness, has hit hard. He said that now he is understanding his problem and solving it. He said that he respects the word ‘jogi’ very much. He said that it was wrong for a man to lead everyone astray, and that he would go where he found satisfaction.

On the occasion of the new year, the three programs run by Prakash Subedi, Rajatpat, Galamour Ghaf and Bagina will be closed till December 7, and after some modifications, a new version of the same program was created by Prakash Subedi himself. In order to improve the relationship between people, there is a need to flatter now, people are also found to have a big difference in the field of music. The humanity within the human being is also disappearing, the way one looks at the other is different, because their ideological struggles are different, one is having problems with the other, even though the human thoughts are different, one is disrespecting the other.

Ap 1 television broadcasts live every Thursday after 9 pm and can be watched on Rajatpat online tv at any time you like. Prakash Subedi, a well-known journalist who has been working in the field of film and music videos for a long time, conducts one episode after another. In the field of film, from the past to the present, things are being talked about in the garden.

The Bagina program, which has been a huge success in three episodes, has touched the cultural scene. Bagina has created a new dimension by incorporating all aspects of music. People have struggled a lot in Jiban to advance their field. In Jiban, people have a hand in forgiving what they get from each other, which changes people in Jiban, just as media is needed for any work for man. Nowadays people are trying to make their journey successful in their own way, which is very beneficial to human beings.

Bagina is a program produced by Phurba Sherpan and produced by Rachana Gautama’s Asst producer. The script is produced by Kushum Bhattarai. It can be viewed on rajatpat online tv youtube and ap1tv. Have worked. Some artists are in favor of Prakash Saput, while others do not like him. Bagina means the confluence of Baja Git and Nach, which will talk about these three areas, he said.

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