Harihar Adhikari And Nita Interview

The love story of actress Nita Dhungana and astrologer Harihar Adhikari is in the market now. But they have not acknowledged this. They have been working on the same project. Journalist Rishi Dhamala has invited Jyotish Harihar to the program and made him happy. In the program, the sage only asks Harihar about his love for Nita. But Harihar continues to deny that. Harihar said that he once had a love affair with a young woman but now he can’t say anything about Nita.

Harihar was asked if the first love failed and now the second love succeeds. It was a little embarrassing for others to hear his question. He also accused her of using the first girl. Used for a few months and left?

Nepali film industry is a good market for gossip. There are various kinds of gossip about those who are in the field of art. What happens most is about the artist’s love and relationship. The general public is very interested in the personal life of the artist. That is why such gossip is so popular. Many speculative gossips have been circulating.

Harihar said that their first love lasted for 4 years. He also said that the divorce was agreed upon. Such gossip, which comes every week, is so true and so rumored.

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