Harihar Adhikari father tested Corona positive

Ram Bahadur Adhikari, the father of Harihar Adhikari, the protagonist of the film ‘Shubhalabh’ and a young astrologer, passed away on Monday. He was infected. As he was infected, he was cremated at Pashupati according to health criteria. Only certain people were present at the funeral.

The officer died on Monday. Ram Bahadur, who had been battling the disease for three years, died at the National Hospital, Kalanki. The entire family of Harihar, a resident of Kirtipur, was infected. Ram Bahadur was also active in astrology.

Actor and astrologer Nita Dhungana is very close to Harihar. Some even claim that there is love between them. However, Nita and Harihar have not publicly acknowledged this. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Harihar accompanies Nita in every task and Nita also supports Harihar.
When Harihar is emotional about her father’s death, Nita has given him a lot of encouragement. She had also reached Pashupati. The emotional Harihar can be seen in the video handled by Nita. She has not left Harihar even for a moment.

Young astrologer Harihar Adhikari has a good influence among the filmmakers. Many Nepali artists seek his astrological advice. They are different from common astrology. At first glance he looks like a modern youth but his profession is astrology. Harihar, who is very close to filmmakers, is immersed in cinema from his astrological profession. He made his screen debut as a protagonist in the movie ‘Shubh Love’.

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