Hark Sampang brought water to Dharan without spending any money

Harak Sampang, who has been continuously working to eliminate the water crisis in Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has brought water to Dharan metropolis without spending any money in cooperation with the people.  Despite the investment of 2 billion by the government, Dharan went to people’s doorsteps and brought Dharan water in Shramdan after winning the mayor’s election in an area with water problems.
After solving the water problem of Dharan, he started planting trees.  He said that now the problem of electricity will be solved in all areas of Dharan.  He said that he would open a factory in Dharan metropolis to provide employment to the people, and provide services to the people using the resources available at the local level.  Sampang said that while working in this way, there is no need to lease contracts, it will be cheaper, the money of the state fund will be saved, it will be clean to donate labor, and it will be fun.

After the water of Pakuwa River reached the doorsteps of the people of Dharan Municipality, Mayor Hark Sampang said that the project of Pakuwa River has been completed and now we all should start new work and work for the good of the country and the people.  He bid farewell by wearing garlands and tikas.  He said that in the coming days, everyone should be active in one work after another.  Even if we think we have worked for a couple of hours, we have developed a new culture.

He said that those who have contributed to this work, it is the plan of all, that in the days to come, a program will be held for the reduction of drug addiction one day a week on Friday.  After the water of Pakuwa River reached Dharan, Mayor Hark Sampang has requested to thank him because he is only a means and this work has been done by all Dharan people.  As he is a common man, I don’t want to make him a hero, he said that he is the people who should be thanked because it is the work of the people who take care of it all.  He said that although this work is small for the opposition, it is a very big work for him.

Hark Sampang said that since they are constantly working to bring water to Dharan, even though they cannot carry stones themselves, they have come to help with food.  Elders have said that people like Balen Sah, Gopi Hamal should join politics and serve the people.  He said that Rabi Lamichhane should also become a minister and play an important role in the development of the country.

He said that a good team is needed to achieve a common goal and it plays an important role in building society.  He said that even though the party requested him to come, he did not go.  He said that although he had different opinions with the president who was of his party’s opinion at the beginning, now everyone has a good rapport, and the deputy mayor said that he is a good friend.  He said that people who used to play carrom board, now they are breaking stones, working and walking on the path of development.

Mayor Hark Sampang called the budget made by him bad, trying to call him an independent mayor, trying to call the children he gave birth to as not my children, what you tried to do to the ODA president in the executive meeting by going against the decisions he made, the people.  They have sent you away, they have told you to work responsibly.  He told me to say that I have completed the work that I have undertaken, to stop working without meaning, to leave the habit of saying that what you have done is wrong, and to leave the habit of letting others do the work as well.

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