Has Prachanda appealed to the former king?

Leaders of the political parties are shifting the blame to each other regarding the developed political developments. CPN-UML leader and Lumbini Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel has accused former prime minister and CPN-Maoist center chairman Prachanda of appealing to the former king. He has made such allegations through social media.

In an interaction with the editors on Thursday, Prachanda had said, “The then king is better than the current president.” This is Pokhrel response to the same thing.

On social media on Friday morning, Pokhrel said that Prachanda was yet to appeal to the former king to show his political rivalry and that it was completed on Thursday.

“We had to appeal to the former king to show himself high in the political competition. That too has been fulfilled since yesterday,” Pokhrel said. “What is left now to make politics apolitical and money.”

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